Get a full, self-hosted install configured and supported by the Ghost team, on your own infrastructure


$99 / mo
One-off, or monthly

Ghost(Valet) is a premium, official support service making it simple and easy to run Ghost on your own hosting infrastructure.

Each new subscription comes with a fully configured install of Ghost, ready to use.

Save time and valuable developer resources by outsourcing critical support, updates, maintenance, security and performance concerns.

Cancel anytime if you prefer to do ongoing maintenance yourself.


One-off, or monthly
  • Standard Ghost install on DigitalOcean
  • Free $100 hosting credit
  • SSL with Let's Encrypt
  • Mailgun setup
  • Ghost email support
  • Monthly software updates
  • Managed backups
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$299 / mo
Paid yearly
  • Custom Ghost install
  • Free $100 hosting credit
  • SSL with Let's Encrypt
  • Mailgun setup
  • Developer email support
  • Weekly software updates
  • Custom managed backups
  • Custom mail config
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom adapters & schedulers
  • Migration from other platforms
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Paul Carl Gallipeau
@JohnONolan thanks again for emailing me, that's some awesome customer support! Sarah Frantz was the one who responded (pretty much instantly) to my question I emailed to support. I'm really happy with @ghost and excited to see what else you guys have in store for the future.
10:49 PM - 18 Sep 2019
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Dr. Barbara
Shoutout to @TryGhost and their fabulous support (hi Sarah!). They helped me have a new blog up and running in under 2 hours!
4:14 AM - 6 Apr 2018

Frequently asked questions

Sounds great! But how does all of this actually work?

Once you've signed up for a plan, we will set up a brand new Ghost install for you on a VPS with DigitalOcean. You can provide us with a login, or if you don't have one yet you can use this signup link to get $100 of free credit. You will also need a free Mailgun account to power system emails, which you can signup for here. Once set up, you can choose to either continue the subscription to receive ongoing premium support and updates, or cancel the subscription to manage the install yourself.

What's the difference between Standard and Business plans?

For most people we recommend the Standard plan which does not have any limits and comes complete with our recommended configuration of Ghost. For customers who have specific, non-standard environment, configuration and advanced requirements - our Business plan caters to a more customised bespoke setup.

What type of support is included in subscriptions?

Just like on Ghost(Pro), we provide in-depth email support for most Ghost usage questions and issues, as well as advanced developer support on our Business plan. Our team is happy to help with almost all Ghost related issues to ensure your site is fast, secure and working well for you.

What sort of things are NOT included?

Put simply, we are not able to write code for you. For anything which requires custom development, you will need to use or contract your own development team. Additionally, we are not able to support third party products or providers who you might use - you need to contact their support teams for that.

What happens if I cancel? Can I have a refund?

You can cancel your subscription any time, after which you can carry on using, managing and updating your server and software yourself. If you cancel, we will stop providing support, updates and backups for your site, but nothing else will stop working. Running our service and supporting customers is a significant undertaking, so we do not offers refunds.

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